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With the new surge of people choosing to start working from home, web developers are making $150-5000 to create and build websites. With the economy being like it is, most people are searching for creative ways to learn new skills that would enable them to build their own website as economically as possible. It can get expensive paying someone to build a website with a cost per page, a cost for a certain number of graphics, a cost for keyword optimization, a cost for so much content, and so on. I had to make a tough decision. I could go broke paying someone to build a website for me or I could learn new skills and build my own website. In my quest for answers on how to actually build my own website, I discovered one important fact that really raised my level of enthusiasm about building my own website…

All you need is a one page website to get started making money online!

Building your own website is fun and rewarding. It is not difficult to do, if you are willing to take the necessary time to learn a few new skills. In order to begin building your own website you will need to have basically four mandatory items in place. Below is a list of what you must have, and a short description of what role each will play in building your website.

Domain Name

Domain names are sold by domain registrars. You can Google “domain names” to find a domain registrar that fits your price range. You can pay as little as $6 per year at some domain name registrars. Your domain name will be the address of your website. The proper reference to your website address would be the “url”. On the internet it would be seen as xxx.yourdomain.com. Your domain name is how people will find your website on the internet.

Web Hosting Company

You will need a hosting company in order for your website to be seen on the internet. A web hosting company will provide the servers where your website is hosted. This is a place where your website will reside so that it can be viewed online. Hosting services usually cost in the neighborhood of $5-10 per month. There is no getting around hosting. It is simply a necessity for having your own website and being able to make money online.

Web Editor

In order for you to build your own website you will need to have a web editor tool. Web editing software can be found online by doing a Google search for “web editors”. There is both paid and free web editing software. I personally chose to use a free web editing program called Kompozer. This software is wonderful to work with and makes the whole process super easy. In fact, so easy that it’s fun! Using a software program like Kompozer is how you actually build your website, page by page.

FTP Program (File Transfer Protocol)

Using an FTP program is how the pages of your website are actually transferred from your computer to the internet. Everything that you want on your website must be uploaded from your computer to your hosting company’s servers. This is what an FTP program actually does. If you want to build your own website on a budget, then you might want to check out filezilla. It is a totally free and safe software program available on the internet. You could simply Google filezilla to be taken to the free download.

Above are the four mandatory tools you must have to start building your own website. There are also “accessories” that you may want, to aid you in making your website successful.

  • An Autoresponder Service – Autoresponders are used to help you build and manage your list of customers. Emails that are pre-written by you will automatically be sent to your customers keeping them informed of any new products you may have available. Autoresponders essentially help you to build a relationship with your customers.
  • A PDF Converter – A PDF Converter is used to help you to easily convert a typed document into an eBook. This is an excellent way for you to actually create new information products to sell on your website

Remember to start making money online, a one page website is all that you need. Whether you want to promote the products of others as an affiliate marketer or sell products of your own, with a one page website, you would be well on your way to making money online.

Janise Bradford is an entrepreneur and successful internet marketer. I enjoy creating, promoting and selling my own products, as well as working as an internet affiliate marketer. “I have never had a better job than the one I have right now as an internet marketer”!

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