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If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner you must have already considered investing in a business website. If you don’t already have one, this is the right time to read this. Despite what is commonly believed, website designing is not as tricky and technical as the website designers would have you believe.


For people who are completely new to website designing, there are two more than 1 ways to create a website. The traditional and technical method is by using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This is what website designers and programmers of the world use. This is not the most difficult computer language to learn and you’ll find numerous free and cheap resources online to learn how to use it. However, it is a fairly difficult language to learn for those who have no technical interests. I still struggle with small coding I have to do once in while.

Thankfully, there are other more user friendly applications which let entrepreneurs like you and I become proud owners of our own websites without burning a hole in either our pockets or brains. Tools and platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Weebly etc. are the new age answer to HTML. Quite honestly I all I knew when I started was how to check my mail online and prepare a Word document (nothing to boast about I know), and just that knowledge was enough to let me design my own websites.

These are not too expensive either. For about $10 to $70 per year, you can own unique website to represent your business. The price varies based on the control and ownership you get. However, in all of these options you can add and edit information depending on your business requirements.

If creating a website isn’t all that tough, what is?
In fact the difficult part of creating your own website is creating your own content especially if you are not a writer, but then you have to do it anyway even if a professional is designing your website. But you have to do it anyway whether or not a website designer makes your website.

Creating a website from scratch is just a matter of a few hours if you know how. If you try and err long enough with the tools listed above, you can no doubt learn to make your own website. But if time is of essence (which it often is), you can consider investing in a good course which helps you learn the ropes of creating a website for business.

Need A Website? Build It! Is a non technical, step by step video guide which trains you on the process of website creation for small businesses. This resource guide not only comes with live screen videos but it also provides free support for entrepreneurs who may need help in building their first ever website

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