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Split into 6 intricate phases, our website design and development process is a proven method, used successfully for many years.

From gathering initial information to the creation of your website and finally, its uploading and maintenance, our team of highly-skilled and seasoned web designers and developers go above and beyond in terms creating a high-quality, high conversion website.

No matter how complex your design and development needs, we at Mandy Web Design will leave no stones unturned in terms of properly understanding your needs and requirements and work with you every step of the way to turn your vision into a website.

Here is an overview of the different phases in our process.


From the first sales meeting, we will begin to learn about your brand as well as your goals and requirements to ensure that the services you receive are exactly what you need.

This involves analysing sensibilities of the target audience, understanding goals and objectives of the client’s business, analysing competitor websites and several other factors, In other words, our designers and developers do the groundwork in this stage.

We will perform the following functions during this phase.

A. Analysing your business

We at Mandy Web Design will learn and understand your business through speaking to you, Google analytics, and doing in-depth research on your company.

B. Target audience

In addition to analysing your company, we will also study your target audience, including the age, education, background etc. of your target market.

C. Online competitors

Our team will discuss your online competitors as well as study their strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, our expert team will guide you through different functions and applications that will be most suited for your website. You can share reference websites that have the look, feel and/or functionality that you are looking for.

Find out how a website is developed from a scratch idea with our latest infographics on 6 stages of web design & development.

After going through these processes, our team will draw a timeline for each phase of the project so that each milestone is recorded and achieved in a timely manner.


Using all the information we gathered in the discovery phase, we will chalk out a plan for your website.

Furthermore, we will make a detailed sitemap including all main topic areas of your web portal as well as sub-topics. In addition, our web designers will also decide the web designing and development technologies to be used in the web designing process.


It’s now time to determine the look and feel of your website. Our design team will break down the client’s requirements and planning for the project that will lead to the creation of stunning web designs that is unique to their company’s brand.

In the design phase, we incorporate elements like your company logo or colours to strengthen the identity of your business. Our design phase includes the following three steps.

A Wireframe

With the help of the information collected during the discovery phase, we will make a wireframe. Furthermore, the wireframe created by our designers will show you the basic design layout with a rough view of how the content will appear on the website.

B. Mockups

Mockups are basically highly detailed designs that start with a wireframe but take things to the next level. They are static displays of how the visuals of the website should look.

C. Reviews and approvals

In this stage, we send designs for a review. If you are not satisfied, we’ll tweak the designs as per your needs and requirements.


This is the creation and development stage of the website. Our expert designers take all the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them for creating a functional web portal.

This includes not only the desktop view but also make it mobile responsive website, ensuring that your web portal is accessible to as large an audience as possible.

On the technical front, the code needed for front-end and back-end web development will be written at this stage.


After the implementation of the project is done, we exhaustively test your website for usability, readability, security and stability. If any issues are found, they are fixed fully before your website goes live.

In addition, we also review browser compatibility as well as code. We make sure that your site renders properly in the latest versions of all the major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari among others.

Once the testing phase is completed, we present the website one last time for approval and then launch the web portal for public or personal use.


Your website is now live, where you do you go from here?

Not to worry, we also provide website maintenance service to keep your website fresh and working properly.

With cutting-edge technology, our team will keep your site up-to-date, while you focus on what you do best, running your online business!

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