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Being part of your business, replacing outdated parts comes naturally. Maybe there is equipment breaking or bad performance; you can always replace it with something better. Further, in this digital world, having an outdated website can cost you big time. It might be necessary for you to leave the website once it gets old and outdated. But the older the website becomes, the more it is costing them revenue. Hence, it is necessary to improve website. An outdated website can hurt the ability of the business to grow by turning clients away along with potential employees. Likewise, sometimes, it even makes it worse to find you on the Internet. There are two ways in which the website can be costing more money, first, you are not found and secondly, you are repelling the customers.

Revenue is getting lost due to SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps in giving better ranks to the websites. When the website is older, it can also affect SEO from going slow to being non-responsive. Now even if you consider website redesign but you are not sure about how much it is going to be. The more bad the website is, the more revenue you are losing each day. Furthermore, in the present world, the brand engaging more clients also dominates the search results. These results do take time and SEO service provider should inform these things in advance to their clients.


The content expectations have changed over time

If the website has enough photos and a simple service list, it will be enough. But when the decision of updating the website comes up, it means setting the photos and removing old information. Most buyers, clients, and users start searching online and they don’t need to start a business. They might be looking to solve a query.

They type the query or even ask the assistant. Further, the content should be created keeping the needs of users in mind. It must be unique and different from the competitors. If not, then the competitors will have an edge over you. The content should be fresh and always updated. With an outdated website, the same content gets published so you are not in front of people. It even doesn’t help in traffic and conversion of leads.

Having slow websites are bad websites

If the website is slow, then you are on verge of not attracting any customers. Besides, the search engines measure load speed and factors of rankings. The slow websites annoy customers a lot. Likewise, reports suggest that 53% of website visits are abandoned if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

As per the study, the average website takes about 15.3 seconds to load. Make your website is fast across all devices and it will definitely increase website traffic.

People judge the bad websites instantly

You as a business owner just have 50 milliseconds for making a good first impression. Further, people decide what they want just by looking at the websites. They judge the websites based on the following:

  •       Confused layouts
  •       Small and poor graphics
  •       No well-researched content
  •       Confusing navigation or design, etc.

Business visitors are always going to judge the websites based on appearances. Likewise, you only have half a second to impress the audience. The modern designs can be inviting but the poor website costs more in the revenue and visitors.

About 38% of the consumers turn away if they don’t have relevant content on your website. Further, you have to get them to click on the results. How fast the page loads play a critical role. Besides, First, try to influence the audience with the visual designs.  The graphics and color schemes can match the sentiments of the people. The navigation button should be user-friendly and very intuitive. Secondly, put the products and key messages at the top and repeat afterward. Use keywords and good headings to make it more inviting. The CTA must be unmistakable and should be in multiple locations. Moreover, use custom website development according to dynamic needs of the visitors.

Bad websites can lead to losing customers frequently

If the poor design makes the customers hit the back button, chances are that they will never return. Further, 88% of the customers don’t return once they had a bad experience. The people who want to buy something from the website and find the load speed slow tend to lose their interest.

Even if you update later, the impression remains negative. People always link credibility to the business. Credibility is directly related to whether or not you are willing to buy from them. Remember, Web Design And SEO Work Together to enhance online visibility and increase website traffic.

The cost of poor website design

A poor website can hurt the sentiments of people in the following ways:

  • When the website is not working on mobiles, you are losing customers there.
  • Thin or duplicate content leads to the hurting of search engine rankings. People don’t find anything when they are disappointed.
  • A bad website makes the business look bad too. Customers give a negative impression and they don’t return to make purchases.

If you have a poor website design, you are simply leaving money on the table. Furthermore, good websites attracts more customers and hence more chances of conversion. 


The New Year has brought with it so many reforms of updating the websites. Research and dig deeper to understand the ways of upgrading the websites. Just ensure that everything is up to date and functioning is done correctly. Some of the ways to update a website are listed as under:

 Performing the A/B testing

A/B testing is one of the best ways to see if the website is effective or not. Besides, the technique is testing two methods and testing them against each other. For all the Word press users, there are various tools to help you with the same. The Nelio A/B testing is the best acting as a quality plugin providing the entire range of testing options.

 Getting feedback from the target clients

You also have to know what the existing audience thinks about the website. Further, when the owners have spent a lot of time making the website, they should also get feedback to improve website according to customer’s needs. The direct solicit feedback helps the users to upgrade to what the visitors want. Try finding out about the likes and dislikes of the customers.

Through this, you can solve the problems when they come to the site. For encouraging feedback, it’s best to ask for it directly. You can do it through forums or even email campaigns.

Everything should be placed properly and up to date

The first thing is to make sure that the website is working properly and it can be done by conducting an audit of the site. Check out issues such as:

  1. Missing or having poor quality graphics
  2. Style or formatting issues
  3. Out of date content

All the pages of the website must be designed to provide a strong impression. When going through the website, it also is smart to ensure that the content is organized properly. Create a backup in case you are planning to do any changes to the website.

Updating keywords

Keywords are vital in any strategy of websites. Further, only the right keywords can place you higher in Google. Only use the keywords appealing to the main site. Google Keyword Planner turns out to be useful in this case. If you use any keywords that have lost popularity, then go for the existing larger keywords for stronger alternatives.

Creating updating content

One of the ways for updating the website is to create new content. Further, it’s great to add high-quality content for boosting search rankings. The best way is to start a blog or even think of creating video graphics. Keep on rewriting some of the important sections like the About Us section, etc.


Businesses are going online now a day with so many people on mobile every day. Further, with competition increasing, businesses have to be at par with what people want. They have to think of doing something different to stand out in the crowd.

Focusing on the customers

Customers are the driving force in business and all the strategies have to be built around it. Firstly, identify the target audience and provide them guidelines on what you are selling. Provide complete information about the goods. Adding a live chat feature to the website makes it easy to contact you.

In case of a bad experience, you can provide a money-back guarantee through the live chat feature. Pay heed to the existing customers as they already know about your products.

Marketing techniques

With online competition increasing, pay heed to the marketing strategies. Besides, look at the strategies of customers offering something unique to the audience. Build the marketing campaigns focusing on the customer’s needs. Plan on working on the SEO of the website. Also, add videos to make the website more engaging.

Providing discounts and promotional coupons

Promotions can also help to increase sales. Giving discounts to customers is an attractive way for bringing conversions to websites. Further, when you are shopping online, getting some discounts brings happiness. Add a sample trail to the website and you can give sample products for free.

Add in the promotional codes. Likewise, you might have seen some alphanumeric codes for boosting the sales of the website. Check all the packages and deals of products and the discounts that come with them.

 Using online payment methods

It’s best to diversify the payments based on customer needs. Further, these days’ customers have so many options of payment and it helps in boosting sales. Focus on the payment gateways and try making them flexible. One payment method used by one customer might not be used by another customer. With diversions in payment methods, the payment system is made more convenient.

Putting a CTA

CTA is an effective tool to convert visitors to customers. Likewise, the CTA can be on the product page or even the home page. The visitors can join the email list and fill the forms. Put thought to what the visitors do when they are adopting for CTA. It all depends on the page too; as it makes the instructions clear to easily help the visitors.

The traffic to the eCommerce website might be flowing freely but is it actually converting the sales into the actual ones? Many of the websites get low conversion rates even after effective SEO. Further, the building of trust to run a business is so important and it starts with getting all the elements right. Talk to your eCommerce developer if there is any necessity of changing the increased sales.

You also have to know about the target market. Likewise, pay heed to what you are selling and if it’s for the younger generation, be web-savvy. But if it’s for the older generation, you have to make the people feel comfortable. Tailor the contents as per the users. Further, analyze the website where you have to sell the products. Provide all the relevant information without providing any spam.


With the Internet market growing, online marketing makes use of web-based channels. Further, it all happens online with the traditional approach paving the way to take advantage of channels like print, radio, etc. Web redesigning is such time-consuming work and expensive also. Website appearances have gained improvement over time. About 90% of the business has an online presence with the feel of the sites changing tremendously.

Once you have rebooted the website with a new look, keep a data review and investigate the areas requiring daily improvement. Keep your eyes on the other websites and work accordingly. 

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