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Getting backlinks is one of the most effective and oldest SEO techniques. Search engines like, Google considers backlinks as an important ranking factor and view each link as a vote of confidence. The more number of links point to your website, the most trustworthy your website will appear. However, you need to be careful about getting backlinks because the links must only be from high-quality websites. If you want to get backlinks and improve your website’s ranking, below are some of the proven and smart link building techniques that you can consider.

# Guest Posting or Blogging

Guest posting is a very common and popular practice of contributing content to another blog or website in exchange for a link back to your website. The links can be placed in the author bio section or it can be used within the body of the post as a means to cite information. This tactic is considered a win-win because both the websites benefit from it – one gets free content to share with the audience whilst the other earns a quality link. However, to take advantage of this technique, you need to make sure that your guest blog or post is well-written and offers great value to the readers. Also, you must look for guest posting websites that are of your niche or related areas.

# Broken Link Building

All kinds of websites suffer from broken links including well-maintained, reputable ones. Each link on a website originally links to another page, but due to websites moving their content around too often, some of the links eventually break or point to pages that do not exist. When users click on such broken links, they are usually shown a 4040 error page. This provides a very poor user experience and makes it problematic for search engines to competently crawl and index websites. This problem can be fixed with professional broken backlink building service. The experts will find websites with broken links, identify the original content that it referred to and provide you with an opportunity to replace the broken links with your website or content link. With this technique, you will get premium quality backlink and the website owners with broken links will have fewer 404s.

# Social Media

Social networking websites are an under-utilised method that can help to get you quality backlinks. Many social networking and social bookmarking sites have a very high page rank and that can flow into your account. These sites also allow you to add links to your website. As social media platforms demand a huge number of followers and users, creating a social media account will not only fetch you backlinks, but also an increased engagement with your target audience.

# Blog Commenting

Even though it is debatable, a significant number of webmasters are of the opinion that blog commenting works favourably for backlinks. However, this does not mean that you have to spam someone’s blog in the quest of getting backlinks. You must offer valuable comments to take advantage of this method.

# Skyscraper Content

Typically, skyscraping is a process of looking for content on the web space that is already informative and valuable to the readers and then, spinning the content to make it even better. By coming up with innovative and valuable ideas for your content, you will be able to earn backlinks. If you avail the services of a professional agency, they will be able to look for popular content pieces in your niche area that are doing exceptionally well. Then, they will engage experienced writers to come up with content pieces that offer maximum value.

Quality backlinks can lead to improving your SEO efforts, leading to enhanced website traffic. The above-mentioned techniques are only a few of the methods that you can implement. For the best results, it is recommended that you work with an experienced agency.

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