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Show The World Who You Are Through Creative Bios

Your prospective clients want to know who they will be working with. Get creative when you present employee bios. Tell a story. Link out to a Spotify playlist. List your favorite movie. Break out of the typical headshot for an image with more personality. Show the world what makes you unique.  

Take A Unique Stand 

Craft content that takes a unique stand on a topic that resonates with your intended audience. It does not always have to be controversial but should offer content and information that cannot be found elsewhere. Unique points of view or opinions on important subjects with lots of supporting information tend to have higher viewership and engagement rates. Don’t bait the click: Nurture it.  

Showcase Likable And Relatable Video 

A quick intro video is a great way to immediately differentiate your website. For a time, we had a one-minute stop-motion video on our homepage, and I can’t tell you how many of our colleagues and potential clients commented on it. It gave personality to our brand and made us instantly likable and relatable to potential customers.

Provide Insight And Inspiration 

Our agency established mantras at the time of our inception. We believed that this would let people understand our values and build a culture of like-minded people. We have found including the monthly mantra on our website to be very effective. Additionally, we have written blog posts to give more insight. Prospective clients have found this inspiring and it makes them want to work with us.

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